joelle from la jorelle with a recycled handbag in morocco

La Jorelle is the story of Joëlle, a 19 year old Belgian girl passionated by fashion and lifestyle. She started her dream by visiting Morocco.

Her education at fashion school, was the motivation to build a brand in the world of fashion and to start searching worldwide for the right ingredients for her ideas. When she first traveled to Morocco it was love at first sight. The country stole her heart with its beautiful culture and welcoming people. She wanted to start creating her collection in collaboration with locals.

La Jorelle focuses on items that are handmade with respect for nature, cultures and people.
The collection is made from recycled coffee bags and jeans. Each piece is unique and 100% handmade in Morocco with sustainable materials.

Every year Joëlle travels to Morocco to support the production and her team of about 60 employees. She is closely involved with each step of the production and the design phase of the collection. For her sustainable fashion is: respect for labour, the beauty of the country and the passion and dedication of her employees.

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